Organizing COMMITTEE

Data Science for Social Good Portugal is an open community of data scientists, data lovers and data enthusiasts that want to tackle problems that really matter. We believe in the power of data to transform our society for the better, for everyone.

The Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center aims to advance the knowledge about data-driven decision making and its impact on society. Nova SBE hosted the DSSG 2017 and 2018 Summer Fellowships and is highly commited to boost this movement within students, professionals, partners and overall academic communities.

SoGooD²ata is a Spanish NGO that aims to solve social issues applying data science techniques. Our goal is to bring together data and experts from heterogeneous domains to achieve worldwide social challenges.

DSSG Foundation Our mission is to create programs that enhance the use of data science, AI, machine learning to create positive social impact in a fair and equitable manner. We run training programs, create educational materials, conduct research, incubate new initiatives, and grow and maintain a community of people and organizations to support our mission.