Community Competition using Data for Good


This competition is organized together with NILG.AI.

The competition's aim is to optimize a keyboard layout to minimize the workload for usage by an ALS patient. Anthony Carbajal inspired this challenge, a full-time daily life hacker that aims to find innovative ways to improve his and other ALS-patient lives, with whom NILG.AI worked together for developing a first version of this solution.


The participants will be evaluated on two different areas:

  1. Objective Evaluation:
    according to the expected value of writing a large corpus of text using the proposed keyboard layout.

  2. Subjective Evaluation:

A Youtube video containing a maximum 3 minute pitch (with slides presentation, or just a video of you talking) describing what you would do differently to solve this issue of keyboard optimization. The video will be evaluated according to criteria such as creativity, feasibility, etc.

The second part will be evaluated by an external jury, with more detailed criteria to follow

JURI (Video):
-Leid Zejnilovic (Assistant professor @Nova SBE)
-Pedro Oliveira (Founder of Patient Innovation)
-Anthony Carbajal (Photographer & ALS-patient)

+INFO (Github)